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Chelsea House Member Newsletter - Nov 30, 2021

As part of joining our private residential community, our members receive weekly updates about the community, upcoming events, developments in the student residence and any other relevant news. We've decided to post these updates on our website in order to let our visitors looking for student housing get an inside view of the Chelsea House student life!

Dear members,

Update for you:

- The current gym windows now have curtains on them in order to give privacy when you workout! So you know, we have permanent new windows coming for the street level ground floor (bar windows and gym windows). These new windows will be frosted in order to let light go through yet give privacy.

- Our new front doors are now ready! However we still haven’t received the permit for the front door from the city... To give you an idea we submitted it in April, but anything that touches the envelope of a building (especially when it’s patrimonial / part of history such as ours, 115 years old) the city of Montréal is notoriously very slow to give approvals, even much more so now with their stated reduced staff due to COVID. These new front doors are sick, they are massive wood and have no windows. Once installed these doors + frosted windows will make the building totally private from the outside.

- Thanks to your comments we’ve added additionally lighting around the main staircase today. Check out the image attached!

- The pending order for the additional furniture in the lounge has been processed :) however no definitive delivery date was given. However, this indicates we are closer than not to getting it. Unfortunately the pool table manufacturer still doesn’t have confirmation on when his shipment of Brasilian slate (the stone that goes under the carpet of a pool table) will arrive. Will keep you posted on both items.

- We have started the process of installing coat hooks and bedroom hooks (a bit smaller) in all the apartments. As we get delivery of them we will be progressively rolling it out over the whole building!🪝

- It seems that the Samsung Smart TVs require a password to add new apps. We bought these straight out the box and installed them so we think it might just be a default password like 0000 but we are inquiring and will get back to you. If someone found the solution already please let us know 🙏

That’s it for now!

For all our foreign members experiencing the first snow and cold - fear not, this is just the beginning lol !! Welcome to Canada 🇨🇦

A very warm winter jacket can be found at a variety of places at aml price ranges. If you need recommendations hit us up we’ll guide you :)



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