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Moving to Montreal? Here Are 5 Useful Things to Know!

Are you moving to an entirely new city for your studies and have no idea what you’re going to do during your free time? We’re here to help make your transition easier. We promise you that city life can be contagious even for the homebodies out there! Here’s a list of informative and useful things to take note of!

1. Get Familiar With The STM Metro Service - you’ll need it!

The Montreal metro map consists of only 4 lines, making it fairly easy to navigate around the city. We say only because, in comparison to places like Paris (which has 14+ lines) and New York City, Montreal is by far the simplest system to learn! The lines are named as follows; blue, green, orange, and yellow. It’s important to note that all metro lines lead to Rome, well not really, they lead to a massive central station - Berri-Uqam.

metro map

Many Montrealers prefer to avoid traffic and travel via metro because they can get around the city quickly and efficiently. We would recommend visiting the World Trade Center​ at Square Victoria metro station or the Eaton Center at McGill Metro Station. Traveling via metro will also keep you warm during those winter months! 


2. Study This French Cheat Sheet

The city of Montreal is bilingual. The languages French and English are most commonly used. Communication is key so without it, that could cause some issues! See below for some simple phrasing and words that will help you get by around town. 

Hello! - Bonjour! [bohN-zoohr!]

Goodbye! - Au revoir [ohr-vwahr]

Thank you - Merci [mehr-see]

Excuse Me - Excusez-moi [eks-kew-zey-mwah]

My name is - Je m’appelle [zhuh mah-pehl] 

What Time is it? - Quelle heure est-il? [kehl uhr eh-teel?]


3. It’s Called a Deppaneur. 

You may be used to calling this the “corner store” but the correct term here in Montreal would be “Deppaneur”. This is where you can get your late-night snacks or drinks at decent prices! Bonus - if you forgot to pick up milk from the grocery store, these guys are going to be lifesavers. They’re usually open pretty late at night too! 


4. There’s No Such Thing as Too Much Poutine!

To be clear - poutine is more than just fries, cheese curds, and gravy. Poutine is a love language and a staple food in Montreal. You can get this delicious cheesy goodness literally anywhere at any time. After all, you want to feel a part of the community, don’t you? 


5. Beware of The Bikes!

It’s not even an exaggeration when we say that bikers are everywhere around the city. You’re either with the biking tribe or not to be quite honest! There is no in-between. Most bikers are out obviously during the summertime but do not let that fool you because there still are some people who are used to the Canadian winter and bike anyway through the snow. It’s such a big deal that there are bike path tours. 


That’s just the start! There’s always something to do, see and learn in this city. 

We can guarantee that you’ll feel right at home here! 



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