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Are your student Apartments Fully Furnished?

A frequently asked question when speaking with prospective parents and students interested in Chelsea House, our premium student residence in Montreal, is if our apartments are fully furnished.

The answer is YES.

We’re more than just fully furnished; we’re also fully equipped and decorated!.
In order to really explain what fully furnished means at Chelsea House we'll break down each section for you:

1. What's in my bedroom?

First off, unlike other student residences, at Chelsea House, every member has their own private bedroom for maximum privacy.

Each bedroom in our student apartments is furnished with a hotel-grade comfy double bed, study desk area, and wardrobe storage space. The bed comes with all the bedding (sheets, duvet, pillows, blanket).

The study desk has a comfortable study chair, with a desk lamp and a board to hang things on the wall. You can store your clothes and belongings in wardrobe, as well as an under-bed storage container.

The space is neutral and minimalist, but feel free to make it your own!

2. What’s in the living room? 

In your living room, you’ll find a lounge chair and designer sofa to wind down after school and watch some movies on your wall-mounted 4K flatscreen TV with Apple Play integration. You’ve also got a coffee table, some pillows, and a blanket to give a cozy ambiance!

3. What’s in the kitchen? 

You will find everything you need to cook your meals. We provide all kitchen accessories from plates, cups, pots, and pans to lemon squeezers, ice boxes, and bottle openers. You can also find small counter appliances like a coffee machine, bullet blender, and kettle. 

4. What’s in the bathroom? 

In the bathroom, you’ll find gorgeous imported Italian tiling, a rainfaill shower head and a large vanity with designer mirror.

Don't forget, all consumables are included at Chelsea House :) This means that the housekeeping crew, as they are completing your weekly housekeeping of your student apartment and private bedroom, will also replenish the consumables such as bodywash, handsoap, toilet paper, Kleenex tissues, towels, and your bedding.

So why choose a fully furnished student apartment like the ones we offer at Chelsea House?

  1. Because you're joining an exclusive international student community with members from over 20+ countries! Check out one of our weekly newsletters to see what it's like: 

  2. Because everything is done for you. No set-up needed. It's a true turn-key. You move-into an aesthetically pleasing and calming space. Every apartment is decorated with art pieces and vintage accessories specifically chosen to fit the environment. Our attention to detail makes it impossible not to fall in love with our student apartments.

  3. Because we give you the liberty of an apartment life that differs from the other strict and constrained student housing projects, but with the security support and guidance that you'd want and need as a newcomer to Montreal :)

Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions!

We'll be glad to answer any questions you may have :)




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