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Are you located near université de Montréal?

Today I had a great video call with a mom from Paris sending her daughter to Université de Montréal for the upcoming semester starting in January. She's shopping around for an adequate student residence and ended up wanting to know more about us at Chelsea House. 

Turns out her daughter is studying in cinema and they both felt we have the right environment that is a bit more furnished and all-inclusive than the other student dorms available in Montreal. 

Now came the big question: Are you located near Université de Montréal ?

The real answer is No - and here's why you shouldn't care.

I personally grew up right next to UdM, it's a beautiful part of Montreal known as Côte-des-Neiges going into Outremont. These are residential areas with nice houses, trees, gardens. It's great for a family, to be peaceful.

It's not that great for students. The fact of the matter is - students want to be in the action. You're coming into Montreal with so much energy, you want to be near the restaurants, bars, nightclubs, theaters, movie cinemas - near the action!

Which is why we actually have a lot of Chelsea House members that are students of Université de Montréal and willingly chose to apply to be part of Chelsea even though we aren't around the corner from UdM. 

Sure you want to be near school, but if it means being far from all the student action...I guess that's why they chose to be in Downtown Montreal where we are located.

So how far are we from Université de Montréal?

20-30 minutes door to door using Montreal's STM Metro Subway !

You won't need to walk outside for long, the Guy-Concordia metro station is literally around the corner from the House (200 meters) and you'll jump off at the Université Montréal metro station.

Speaking of other universities - I was myself pretty surprised to see that we didn't only attract McGill and Concordia students initially. It was the members themselves that told me they'd rather be near all the downtown action that be a bit off the center of the city to be next to school.

As of right now, I'm very proud to say that we have members that are in all 4 major universities: UQAM, Université de Montréal, McGill and Concordia!

Hope this answers some of your questions.
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