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A Day in the Life of Pedro, a Chelsea House Member

My name is Pedro and I’m part of Chelsea House’s first cohort! I’m completing a B.A. in Economics and I’m in Montreal completing a student exchange at HEC, which is part of Université de Montréal.

Here’s a day in my life:


My day-to-day on weekdays is quite stable, which is nice because I’ve been able to set into a routine: I wake up, take a shower, get ready, and head to class. Most members are students at Concordia or McGill University, which is a walking distance from Chelsea House. My case is a little different—I go to HEC, which isn’t a walking distance away but still extremely accessible by public transit. I’m simply a 10-minute metro ride away from campus. And let me tell you, the metro (or subway as some of you may know it as) is super useful during Montreal winters (I got my first taste of that a few days ago)!

Classes at HEC are challenging—they’re 3 hours each, which makes for a long day. If I have a long break in between classes, I’ll take the metro back to the residence as I don’t really like sticking around the school library. This is when I take the opportunity to run some errands such as groceries. This is super easy to do as there are two supermarkets and a pharmacy by the metro. Something that surprised me about Montreal: pharmacies have EVERYTHING! In Spain, they only sell medication or medicine-related products. Here? You can find everything from medicine (obviously) to school supplies, basic groceries, and even Christmas decorations!


Once I get home from classes, I’ll either have a snack, take a little nap, or if I’m still feeling energetic, I’ll hit up the residence’s private gym. The private gym is one of my favourite things at Chelsea House—it’s so convenient. I don’t have to leave home to exercise. I just go downstairs, get a quick workout out in, and can go back to my room right after to relax and freshen up.

Afterwards I’ll usually cook a quick and light dinner. I often have a fruit smoothie instead. The truth is I’ve become obsessed with smoothies, which is something I didn’t have often in Spain. The apartment kitchen is all-inclusive and even has a mini blender, which makes it super easy to make smoothies (hence my obsession)! If it’s a quieter night, I’ll study and then I’ll either watch TV with my roommates (NBA is popular in our unit), just chill, or play cards.

If I have a light workload, I like to take advantage of the Chelsea House location and go out to a nearby bar or restaurant. There’s lots of affordable yet tasty options in the area. There’s also an awesome variety—Montreal is so multicultural and so many different cuisines are easily accessible.

Hopefully this gives you further insight of not only a Chelsea House member, but also of an international exchange student in Montreal! One thing is for sure: you’ll have a blast here!!

Signing off and back to studying,

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